August 16, 2022

Trend-Setting Celtic Punks The Mahones serve up drinking shanties on a new album

Jameson Street is available everywhere on October 7 2022


Jameson Street is like a guided tour down a cobblestone road in Dublin delivering a record packed with positivity and good vibes. “Jameson Street is meant to make you feel like you’re having a night out,” front-man Finny McConnell explains. “No politics, no religion, just good times, and everybody having fun. Unity is the underlying message.”

For this fun-loving group of musicians, there are few things better than loving, drinking, fighting, and a splash of hope to get them through the day. It is no surprise that these are the elements fueling the songs on Jameson Street - with shanties harking on good times and comradery – and a little bit of tin whistle and fiddle for good measure. The song “Holloway Jack” is a perfect example of what it means to be in the Mahones. The song features lyrics by the late Paddy Cuncanon, a long-time friend of the band, sending their friend off with a pint and good cheer. 

The Mahones’ brand of Celtic-Punk energy is on full display on the group’s drinking pub jig, “A Devil In Every Bottle.” 

The Mahones do bartenders everywhere a favor by including the song “Last Call At The Bar” on the album. Finny reflects “It’ is a song that bartenders can relate to – that feeling you get when you tell everybody to bug off and go home. It’s a fun song that sticks in your head, and it fits the Jameson Street theme.” The good times on Jameson Street don’t stop at drinking songs, though. The album runs the gamut from toe-tapping instrumentals to heartfelt love songs to a cover of a Pogues classic, “If I Should Fall From The Grace Of God.”

The album features previous colleagues and long-time friends including Dave Barton (The Peelers), Nicholas Smyth (The Dreadnoughts), Glenn Milchem (Blue Rodeo), and Stuart Cameron (Crash Test Dummies). There are also a handful of co-writers including Barton, Greg Norton, Owen Warnica, Paddy Concanon, and Jonathon Moorman. 

Forming on St. Patrick’s Day in 1990 The Mahones have been working on their own brand of Irish punk ever since. The group consists of Dublin-born Finny McConnel (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter), Sean Riot Ryan (Bass, Vocals), Michael O’Grady (Tin Whistle, Accordion, Vocals), and newest member Nicole Kaiser (Accordion, Vocals). The Mahones have released 12 studio albums, three compilation albums, two live albums, and two EPs. Their song, “Paint the Town Red” was featured in the climactic final fight scene of the 2 Time Academy Award-winning film The Fighter. Alongside this, their music has been featured in Ecstasy, Dog Park, Celtic Pride, ABC’s Castle, and Lost Girl

The Mahones were the 2020 winner of Paddy Rock Radios’ Top 5 Albums of the decade, winner of Shite N Onions 2015 Best Album award, and’s 2014 Best Celtic Punk Album. The band has toured through 35 countries internationally, headlined festivals all over the world.

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