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Lynn Miles - Fall for Beauty - The new album available October 5th, 2010. Click here to stream the full album!

Several years ago, Lynn Miles visited a friend who was incarcerated in a prison in Spain. The jail was an unpleasant one, she recalls, and her friend had been inside it for two years. Miles asked him what he and the other inmates talked about most. "His answer," Miles remembers, "was 'If somebody loves us. That's the thing that matters to us most; if there's someone outside who loves us and is thinking about us.'"

The same topic struck the Ottawa singer-songwriter after 9/11, particularly "all the people who were on the planes with their cell phones, phoning the people they loved." Because, Miles notes, "that's the most important thing."

Those two polar stories - one, a solitary man in a Spanish prison whose story had little impact on the world, and the other the greatest event of the last half-century - combined to inspire *Love Sweet Love*, the title track of Miles's latest album, a collection of 11 songs that explore the relationships between love, joy, longing, loss, despair, emptiness, reconciliation and redemption.

*Love Sweet Love

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Fall for Beauty
Black Flowers Volume 1-2
Love Sweet Love