Band Information
Jerry Marotta - drums, percussion, linn, backing vocal Tony Levin - bass, stick Chris Jarrett - guitar David Rhodes - guitar


Gowan... the unauthorized auto-biography :

My large head introduced itself to planet Earth in 1956. It happened in Glasgow Scotland and has been happening daily ever since. Without my consent, as a child I was brought to the tropic of Canada and settled among the unparalleled beauty of Scarborough. My marks in high-school were of a caliber that left me no option but to pursue the occupation of Rockstar.

Soon thereafter my skills at the piano were rewarded with an ARCT in Performance from the Royal Conservatory Of Music in Toronto... bestowing a more promising prospect for Rockstar.

My first band " Rhinegold " spent five years casting it's pearls before swine, and were then summarily dismissed from the party at the end of the 70's...

Then one day the earth trembled . Just as I was down to my last name, my antics were captured in a new medium known as the " Music Video " and the 80's rejoiced and took me to it's bosom.

There I was nurtured and awarded with Juno's and Platinums and ample parking spaces. Alas, as that magnificent decade drew to a close I bid a tearful farewell to my mullet and set off for Larry-land 90's style, strumming an acoustic guitar and finding gold once again.

I toured England several times and was invited to play an original piece with the London Symphony at the opening of Princess Diana's memorial at Althorp. Then I opened for The Stranglers...

In 1999 I was asked to abandon my solo vessel and take up with a fine crew of Americans known as Styx. I have been aboard for ten years. Our tours have been amongst the highest grossing in the USA. We have played the Superbowl twice. We've done the Tokyo-dome and even Casinorama. Last year we performed at Wembley. Our "Behind The Music" on VH1 was in the top ten highest rated, and my Cribs episode was bangin' dog!

I have been a cartoon character on Chilly Beach and was once Grand Marshall on Ground-hog Day for the sighting of Wiarton Willie... Thank-you for enduring this riveting tale thus-far.

Hopefully to be continued... Gowan- I AM

For those who keep track of such things : Six Canadian Top Ten songs " A Criminal Mind " "Strange Animal" " Cosmetics"

" Moonlight Desires " " All The Lovers In The World " " When There's Time For Love ".

Twelve Juno Nominations, 2 Juno awards. One Casby award. Several Socan awards.

Four Platinum Albums, Three Gold and one Gold-single.

Highest Scorer in Minor-Atom Hockey playing for Cedar-Hill. ( 1967 )

Artist Discography
Great Dirty World - Special Edition
Strange Animal
Return Of The Strange Animal
Live In Concert