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Lights From The Valley Cover Art
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Never Be The Same
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I Wanna Be The One
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How Can You Hide Your Love?
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(We Dont Have To) Fall In Love
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Lookin For A Place
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Arms Of Mary
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She Keeps On Cryin
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In Love With A Look
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No Love At All
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Mary Lou And Me (Demo)
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The Hardest Thing To See (Songwriting Tape)
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Artist Catalogue / Chilliwack / Lights From The Valley

Lights From The Valley
September 24, 2013
Linus Entertainment
Album Information
Chilliwack's sophomore album on Mushroom Records from 1978, Lights From The Valley features "Arms Of Mary" and "Never Be The Same" among new bonus tracks and is available on CD for the first time.

Also available in digital formats.

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