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The Best Of Ashley MacIsaac Cover Art
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1. To America We Go
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2. King George w John Allan Cameron
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3. Grapes
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4. Sophia's Pipes
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5. Devil in the Kitchen
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6. Lay Me Down
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7. Little House Around the Corner
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8. Sleepy Maggie
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9. MacDougall's Pride
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10. Fairy Dance
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Artist Catalogue / Ashley MacIsaac / The Best Of Ashley MacIsaac

The Best Of Ashley MacIsaac
September 30, 2008
Linus Entertainment
Album Information
One of the most celebrated Canadian roots musicians of all time, Ashley MacIsaac has accomplished the kind of success that most artists can only dream of.

Having sold in excess of 500,000 albums, MacIsaac has garnered international acclaim by playing the fiddle in that hard-nosed, traditional Cape-Breton style, while adding his own spin, mixing genres and updating Celtic music to appeal to a broader spectrum of fans.

Considered something of a local legend and prodigy by the time of his impressive 1992 debut “Close To The Floor”, MacIsaac broke through to the mainstream with the double-platinum genre-bending “Hi!, How Are You Today?” in 1995. International radio play for the single, ‘Sleepy Maggie,’ featuring the dream-like Gaelic vocals of Mary Jane Lamond, and a regular slot on MuchMusic made MacIsaac an instant Canadian icon, and subsequently toured the world.

The Best Of Ashley MacIsaac features a collection of songs that span the career and catalog of MacIsaac including tracks like “Devil in the Kitchen”, hit song “Sleepy Maggie”, “To America We Go” and “Little House Around The Corner”.

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