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The Columbia Years - 4 Disc Box Set Cover Art
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1. When The Spirit Comes
2. South At Eight North At Nine
3. Through The Storm Through The Night
4. Raised By Wolves

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Artist Catalogue / Colin Linden / The Columbia Years - 4 Disc Box Set

The Columbia Years - 4 Disc Box Set
December 2, 2008
True North Records
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Colin Linden is a man of many talents. An accomplished
singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer, Colin has played on
over 300 albums and produced more than 60 CDs working with
artists such as Bruce Cockburn, Colin James, The Band ,
Leon Redbone, T-Bone Burnett, Ked ‘Mo’, Lucinda Williams
and Emmylou Harris, just to name a few.

Though much of his time is spent working behind the scenes
with fellow artists and as a member of Juno award winning
group Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, Colin fully enjoys focusing
on making his own music. He has released eight of his own
albums including his most recent, ‘Easin’ Back to Tennessee’,
and has received much critical acclaim over the years.

The Early Years is a box-set collection of four albums from the
first stages of Colin Linden’s career, featuring his first release,
‘When the Sprit Comes’, Juno Award winner ‘South at Eight
North at Nine’, ‘Through the Storm, Through the Night’, and the
critically acclaimed 1997 release, ‘Raised By Wolves’.

Albums included in box set:
When the Spirit Comes (1988)
South at Eight North at Nine (1994)
Through the Storm, Through the Night (1995)
Raised By Wolves (1997)

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The Columbia Years - 4 Disc Box Set
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